Are you facing a life without children and don’t know how to begin making peace with your situation?

Maybe you’re dealing with infertility and you’re out of viable options or options you’re willing to pursue. Or perhaps your window of opportunity for motherhood is closing in front of you and you feel hopelessly lost and alone.

Maybe you feel as if your real life is passing you by as you quest for a life that seems elusive.

LIFE WITHOUT BABYI understand how lonely, confusing, and isolating it can be to face a life without children when motherhood has always been in your plans. I know how difficult it can be to walk away from a key chapter in your life, and I’m familiar with the tangle of emotions that can creep up on you when you contemplate taking a different path in life.

I know because I’ve been there, and I’ve come out the other side not just surviving, but thriving in a life I had never planned for myself.

If you wish you could move into a new chapter of your life, but don’t know how to begin, you’ve come to the right place.
Welcome to Life Without Baby.
Here you’ll find resources, support, and most of all, a community of like-minded women who get you.

Wondering where to start?

LM 25 square butterfly Connect with others

First things first: you don’t have to go through this alone.

On the Blog you’ll find daily articles, stories, and inspiration, and a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings with others.

Start building your own network of supportive and understanding women through our Online Community. In this private, password-protected forum you can feel safe to post topics for discussion, ask for and offer support, and make connections with women all over the world.

LM 25 square butterfly Find free resources

If you’re tired of dodging social events that leave you emotionally wrung out, or you’re terrified of the dreaded, “So, do you have kids?” question. On the Resources page, you’ll also find a growing library of resources, such as books, articles, and inspiring interviews with other childless and childfree women.

LM 25 square butterfly Get Personal Help

When you’re ready to move into the next chapter of your life, you’ll want some guidance and support. Whether you’re looking for the structure and camaraderie of a workshop or you prefer to work through the process at your own pace, you’ll find a Program to suit your needs here.